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Customer voices


"PV heating works wonderfully. In the past the equinox period has been our "difficult" hot water time. It's warm enough not to need the wood fired heating on (which also heats domestic hot water) and it's not hot enough for our evacuated tube system to heat enough water. However, with the my-PV system... we have loads of nice hot water!"
Glenn Morris, BA
Vice President Australian Solar Council
Vice President Australian Energy Storage Council

"ELWA is a genius idea"
Norm Anderson, Energy Smart Water, Australia

"ELWA is perfect"
Mr. Grollegg, Spenglerei Grollegg, Austria

"I have installed it by myself, significant advantages at the handling of the ELWA."
Dr. Hammerling, Wien Energie, Austria

"The connection of the AC ELWA-E to the SMA Homemanager worked perfectly.
I think it's fantastic!"

Sven H., Germany

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